Truffle hunting and tree pruning

Pruned hazelnut treesJust over half of the first truffiere planting has now been pruned. Its a really big undertaking specially out in the cold winter days.

Lots more to do as today because Fahren, our oldest truffle dog, wanted my undivided attention I only managed to finish half a row. We are now both back inside and she is now curled up in my lounge chair in front of a warm fire.

a lovely pruned rowIt’s while Fahren is asleep that Tawdiffu  (truffle dog number two) and I sneak out to do a quick truffle hunt. The dog quickly found a couple of ripe beauties and we also marked two trees for a later harvest.

Tawdiffu found something in the bag!

We have now left the the truffiere and as I put down the bag to close the gate Tawdiffu checks out the bags letting me know that there is more truffle to be found and not under a tree.


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