Black Truffles and the Macenmist name

Function centre entrance
Gate entrance sign
Sign at the farm entrance and Cappananna Road intersection

Guests to the farm often ask why truffles and the name “Macenmist”. How did it come about. So I thought it time to put pen to paper so that all may read and know story behind the name.

The name came about after I applied to the then Royal New South Wales Canine Council Ltd (now renamed as Dogs NSW for a dog breeder prefix. I had to submit various alternatives for them to choose from and their stipulations included the fact that a prefix could only be one word and have a maximum of 12 letters. I could not use shortened form, proper names or an ampersand.

I had to come up with unique names one of which was “Macenmist” which was derived by joining two parts together with the letter “n”. The prefix was “Mace” was my Great-great-great-Grandfathers surname and the suffix “mist” was the second syllable of our company name Topmist Pty Ltd. As the Council would not allow the use of &, we decided to join the two words together with  the use of the letter “N”. Hence the name was born, and it is pronounced Mace-n-mist –  NOT Mac.

This was in May 1992 and our Border Collies all had this prefix at the beginning of their pedigree names. Our wine labels also feature our Borders. Refer to the blog “2020 Macenmist Cellar Door Opens”.

The beginning of 1997 we purchased the farm and of course named it Macenmist. Refer to the blog “How it came about…..DOGS..WINES & TRUFFLES”.

This was later followed by our ASIC registration of our trading name “Macenmist Black Truffles & Wines”.

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