Truffle dog hurting

Fahren in the cone of shameYesterday was not a good day for Macenmist’s number one truffle dog Fahren.

A week ago during her regular grooming I noticed that she was bleeding around her backside so it was straight to the vet. Diagnosis was infected anal gland, so we came home with a weeks supply of antibiotics and an appointment for a check up, scheduled for 9am yesterday.

As you have probably already guessed Fahren was operated on yesterday and the vet removed both her anal glands. The fortunate part was that he found a grass seed embedded in the right hand side so luckily it was that and not something cancerous. I currently have one very sore dog that is whimpering constantly.

She does not like her “Elizabethan collar” but it is needed so that the stitches are protected. No truffle hunts for a while as she is definitely not up to it. This is going to take a while and we have pain killers for ten days.

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