2020 Macenmist Cellar Door opens

Red wine storage rack full
Macenmist Cabernet Sauvignon wine

The making of wine and being able to sell it to the public is a vision that goes back beyond the planting of the vines at Macenmist. So allow me to tell you the story of how it came about. Our wine story can be found here https://www.macenmist.com.au/wines/

Well Richard always wanted to follow the patriarch tradition of wine making and spent long hours investigating how to produce wine from various means. In 2004 the Shiraz vines that he planted produced four bottles of wine. Then in 2005 with the help of a fellow submariner called Tom the second vintage was bottled. This year proved to be a spectacular year along with the 2006 vintage. Now after numerous vintages of Shiraz it was time for Macenmist’s Cabernet Sauvignon vintages.

Macenmist Shiraz Wine

Its now 2020 and these two red wines are now available at our cellar door. Unfortunately, at Macenmist this year there will not be a vintage for any grape variety due to the horrendous bush fires that ravished the country. So let’s look forward to a 2021 bumper harvest and just maybe the Chardonnay vines will produce enough fruit to enable a new white wine to be made.

It is also worth noting that our wine labels feature the Border Collies that also bore the Macenmist name and in keeping with tradition when the white wine is made it will also feature a Border Collie that once roamed our vineyard . The dogs depicted on the wine labels are: Cabernet Sauvignon is Macenmist Stirling Storm better known by her pet name “Pebbles”. Then the Shiraz belongs to Macenmist Silken Socks “Scoobie”, son of Pebbles. Lastly the Chardonnay label will portray Macenmist Quinntessential better known as “Missy”. So keeping the genetic labelling convention Missy is Pebble’s grand-daughter.







Macenmist now has a cellar door licence and hopes to share with you the wines that are produced by the farm.

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