Bumper sized Hazelnuts!

Bumper sized hazelnuts in this year’s harvest

At Macenmist we have three varieties of trees: HazelEnglish Robur Oak and French Ilex Oak. The Hazel trees not only provide a good home for growing truffles, but of course the Hazel nuts themselves.

2018 harvest from the truffle inoculated Hazel trees has this year seen the size of the individual nut double thereby making them much easier to crack and obtain the inside kernel.

What fell on the ground was quickly picked up before the birds realised that there was a feast to be had. The nuts also had to be collected before the dogs enter to search for truffle because the nuts provide a food-source distraction. Also they are not really good for them as they do not digest properly – not that the dogs mind.

In order to prevent mildew forming on the kernels this years nuts will not be ready till 2019 as they must dry out before they are cracked and stored ready for culinary use.

While visiting Macenmist you may be lucky enough to sample some hazelnut and truffled egg biscotti.

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