Black Truffle record broken

As a belated mother’s day present William decided to take his mother on a truffle hunt. Donna who will be staying with William for a few weeks is from the tropical Brisbane climate so was pleased to rug up before venturing out to find truffle with myself and our truffle dog Fahren.

Right on the mark Fahren indicated a find and being a gentleman William let his mothers excavate the truffle first, Donna unearthed one truffle weighing 26grams.

After cataloging the tree number we asked Fahren to move on to find more truffle. It was now Williams turn to excavate. No pressure!

The current record held by the Chefs from the Hyatt in Canberra was recorded in 2016 at 26 truffles from a single hole.

William being competitive embraced the task and  — YES —  the record was broken in fine style.

William now holds the record of 50 truffles from one hole. His truffle weighed in at 490 grams.

We will be displaying a photograph of William in our Truffle shed together with details of his haul.

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