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From start to finish, immerse yourself in hours of black truffles on any of these premium event days. Hunt, learn about truffles, eat, learn to cook and eat again!

You start the day with some delicious Gluwhein while we wait for the frost and fog to dissipate.

We'll head out to the truffiere and accompany the truffle dogs - Fahren and Tawdiffu - hunting for the elusive black gold.

After the truffle hunt, we'll head back to the truffle shed to explore the fascination of truffles first-hand.

Each event features something unique whether it's Christmas in July; a theme party or a degustation they will all feature the wonderful world of black truffles.

Join as at the Macenmist farm.

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Macenmist Soirées

  • Each event price varies (all prices include GST)
  • Adults only events
  • Start time: 11.00am
  • Duration: Approx 4 hours
  • Event numbers vary

Photo of a truffle being excavated
Photo of a truffle being cleaned
Photo of a main course example
Photo of an example dish to be cooked

19th June 2021
Hotel Kurrajong presents:—

Macenmist Black Truffles dinner with wine partner Nick O'Leary Wines

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25 July 2021
Christmas in July — Event secured by Tour operator

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28 July 2021
Coach Day tours

17th July 2021
Degustation plus a new truffle hunter called "Vino"

14th August 2021
Fancy head-dress Degustation

26 August 2021
Coach Day tours

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